What is Edison McCarthy About?

Thank you for joining us! Sometimes the greatest opportunities come from hitting pause, taking a different perspective, and asking “how would I do this, if I could do it again?" 

At Edison McCarthy, we reimagine the design of everyday items, and reclaim, recycle, and repurpose materials to create craftsman-quality illumination and furnishing pieces with a twist. Whether it's a bottle chandelier, a reclaimed wood headboard with a secret compartment, or pipe lamp that uses a faucet as its dimmer switch, everything we make has an element of “different” to it, just like all of us.

We search for artifacts with character, pieces that want a second chance. Then we love every one of them, not in spite of their scratches and rust, but because of them. Their bruises are badges that celebrate their experiences, and their scars are like written words that tell their story, just like every one of ours do.


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