No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier
No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier
No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier
No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier
No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier

No. 144 - The Barn Ladder Chandelier

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This chandelier is based on the first hanging fixture I ever designed, and has a lot to do with why you're reading this. (More on that later.) At the last "real" job I had before I decided to follow my inspiration full-time, we did a total DIY makeover/remodel of a space in the building. The place was great -- industrial, quirky, whimsical, and useful at the same time, but it needed something dramatic when you walked in the door.

Edison bulbs on a dimmer were a given, but the lobby was a bigger, slightly odd space, with exposed cinder blocks above where the old suspended ceiling (yuck) used to hang, and cool girders and ductwork overhead. The fixture had to ooze character and have some heft to it, while also tying together the industrial, farmhouse, and technology elements that were part of the design.  

Enter the barn ladder, found after an exhaustive search. I wired sockets the next night, and two days later, it was hanging from the rafters. (Literally.)

Visitors would walk through the door and say things like "wow" and
"that's amazing". When they started asking if they could buy it, a lightbulb went off (figuratively) in my head. As I look back, this creation may be one of the biggest reasons that Edison McCarthy came to be, and now several are hanging around cool spaces in the greater Nashville area.


  • About six feet long, but we'll hunt for a shorter or longer one to fit your space.
  • The bulbs make the fixture, so yes, we include them. 
  • The bulbs make the fixture, so no, we won't send you the same bulb for every socket.
  • Our electrician friends tell us no more than 600W on a fixture, so we'll do the math when picking the bulbs to make sure you don't go over.
  • Speaking of electricians, we highly recommend that you call one to install this piece...along with a dimmer switch. 
  • The dimmer - trust me, get one; the first time you dim it down so the filaments are barely glowing and just sit and bask in the warm glow of incandescent light, you'll be glad you did.
  • Give us two weeks to get this on its way to you...we want to make sure it's made perfectly, and just for you.