Custom Shed Site Preparation - 27' x 19' Pad for 24' x 16' Tuff Shed

Regular price $6,800.00

Good morning! 

Scott asked me to provide additional detail regarding the price of the shed base, and I’m happy to do so below.  

Briefly, changing the orientation of the shed meant the amount of slope that had to be compensated for was substantially greater, significantly increasing the project’s scope. It went from being a simple pad for a shed to light excavation and the construction of a gravel-filled retaining wall over three feet high.  

Knowing that this was a wedding gift (maybe the best one I’ve heard of!), I made the offer to Scott that I would only adjust the price to reflect increased expenses, with minimal to no accounting for labor or any other factors, and you’ll see that reflected below. 


The difference between the scope in the initial survey, and was actually completed: 

  • Amount of leveling increased from 10” to 41” 
  • Use of heavy equipment  
  • One day of labor to ~45 hours over two weeks 
  • Two layers of lumber increased to seven 
  • Six tons of gravel needed to fill the pad became 44 tons 


Breaking out the increase in materials beyond what was initially quoted: 

  • Lumber - +$1402.55 
  • Equipment rental - +$598.74 
  • Gravel - +$1353.57 
  • Total increase in expenses: $3354.86 

I realize that when you add the initial quote ($3700) to the increase in expenses, the total becomes $7054.86, but Scott and I agreed on $6800, and I will absolutely stand by that. 

I hope this helps; if you have any further questions, please let me know a good time today for the three of to get on the phone.  


Thank you-